Diabetes Causes And Symptoms

Diabetes can be caused by drugs prescribed to treat other conditions. An unwanted side effect for any patient, it is fortunately less common than diabetes occurring from genetic or environmental causes. There are still some drugs which have been show to cause diabetes.


Symptoms of diabetes:

  • Thirst - Feeling thirsty all of the time. Drinking lots of liquids or more than you're used to.
  • Hunger - Feeling famished, super hungry. Even when your body is well nourished, do you have trouble concentrating on anything other than eating?
  • Tired - Feeling tired or exhausted. Do you run out of steam without physical stress? Do you feel like sleeping during the day?
  • Stressed - Feeling irritated. Are you more easily emotionally upset than before? Do you lash out quickly?
  • Weight Loss - Have you lost weight without dieting?
  • Urinating - Going to the bathroom frequently.
  • Vision - Has your vision become fuzzy or blurry? Does your vision change from good to bad during the day?

Diabetes facts:

17 million Americans are affected by diabetes and an estimated 12 million more Americans have diabetes and don't know it. If anyone exhibits symptoms of the disease, take it seriously. As demonstrated by the large numbers of people, it is not rare and unfortunately your chances of having or developing diabetes are not slim.

Getting help:

Only a doctor can diagnose or treat diabetes. If you have any reason to suspect diabetes then seek the help of a medical professional. If you have also taken Seroquel then get legal help by contacting us today at 800-529-5072 or complete the form on this page.